Friday, August 29, 2003

The Listening Society
are a collective of artists,
who with the help of friends and alliances
maintain spaces where all forms
of expression are recorded,
performed and rehearsed.

Born out of Vancouver, B.C
on east ends Commercial Drive-
Made by the hands of Ray Morgan,
Jennifer Phelps, Michael Louw,
Michael Hernandez, and Camillia Frey
(along side our blessed angels).
Thank you for helping plant the seeds!

Currently working out of 2280
Hastings and Nanaimo.
The Listening Society comes equipped
with a P.A system, bass & guitar amps,
quality mics & stands, and other
misceallaneous goodies like
ole pianos & percussion

Members donate twenty-dollars
for 3hour block sessions.
For more information on booking
please contact ray @ 604.254.3994

The Listening Society has regular shows
at the El Cocal on Commercial Drive,
in-house productions & collaborations
with community access like-minded
individuals and groups.
For more information on promotion
contact michael or camillia
at 604.216.0199, or

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